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American Association of University Women
Lake/Sumter (FL) Branch
Branch "Elevator Speech"

We are taking this opportunity to provide every member with a brief “elevator speech” to help you start a conversation about our branch. 


We are lifetime learners who, through STEM camps, scholarships, and mentoring, support young women starting their educational journeys.


Continuing the Conversation


We are also offering follow-up “scripts” to reflect your own experiences and interests and help you continue the conversation. Please feel free to customize it as needed.

We will provide you with a supply of “business cards” that you can carry with you to handout and help you start and guide the conversation.


When the topic of AAUW comes up in conversation, the question you are most likely to get is some form of, “What is AAUW? What do you do?” After stating our “elevator speech,” continue the conversation with the following suggested responses. Choose those that fit the conversation.


  • (Give them the business card).  Let me give you this so that you can learn more about AAUW.  Please visit our website, which also has a how to become a membership page.  Would you like to hear more about us now?


  • I’ve been an active member of the Lake/Sumter branch of the American Association of University Women for XXX years including (customize for yourself…committees you’ve served on, highlights of speakers from past general meetings, and the social interest groups you enjoy)


  • We are different from other organizations and clubs in the area as our Lake/Sumter branch is very focused on offering college-educated women like us stimulating learning opportunities (talk about a few learning opportunities that you found of value)


  • We are also very focused on giving back to our community.  We have this amazing program called Tech Trek.  It’s a week-long STEM-focused camp for girls going into the 8th grade. It’s hosted by AAUW Florida, and our branch sends several girls each year to a university campus to develop interest and excitement about STEM fields as well as self-confidence in young women. Even during COVID, the campers attended virtually.  The campers and their families usually visit with us during one of our monthly meetings and it’s so wonderful to hear all about their experiences!


  • We also offer scholarships to women who have completed their Associates degree and are working towards their bachelor’s degree.  The scholarship awardees also visit with us during one of our monthly meetings and it’s so moving to hear how much they appreciate and need our support.  We have various fundraisers, including a jewelry raffle, so that we continuously offer scholarships every year


  • If you’d like to join me at an upcoming meeting or perhaps attend a social interest group event, my contact information is right here.  I think you’ll really enjoy meeting our members and learn something new!

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