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American Association of University Women
Lake/Sumter (FL) Branch
2023-24 Branch Leadership

Board of Directors


Each office has one vote on Board issues. Where two people share an office, each person has one-half vote.


Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is composed of elected officers and directors.


President                                                  Barbara Fisler & Helen Gozdanovic                                  

Presidents-Elect                                     Irma Mottley & Jennifer Thompson

Directors of Programs                                   Kathy Howe & Cynthia Snavely  

Directors of Membership                       Leslie Flanders & Terri Slotterback      

Directors of Finance                                                              Barbara Fieldman

Secretaries                                                           Gay Birchard & Dee Sherman


Appointed Directors


Three members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the co-Presidents and approved by a majority of Board members.


Director of Communications                                                  Beth Hicks

Director of Fundraising                                                                      open

Directors of Public Policy                     Elizabeth White & Susan Gold

2023-2024 Branch Committees & Appointed Chairs

Standing Committees


Standing Committees are chaired by the Directors appointed by the co-Presidents and approved by a majority of Board members.


Communications Committee                                                  Beth Hicks

Fundraising Committee                                                                      open

Public Policy Committee                       Elizabeth White & Susan Gold                                                          


Operations Committees


Operations Committee chairs are engaged by the co-Presidents.


AAUW Funds                                                                         Diane Geach

Bylaws and Policies                                                             Anne Wilkins

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)                                Jacquie Latzer

Dropbox Manager                                                         Carolee Litwinka

E-Mail Distribution                                                       Carolee Litwinka

Historian                                                                               Ginny Rivera

Hospitality                                                                                            open

Newsletter                                                                                 Beth Hicks

Scholarship                                          Susan Gold and Gretchen Lewis

Summer Breakfasts                                                              Gay Birchard

Sunshine                                                                                               open

Tech Team                                                                                            open

Tech Trek                                                                               Liz Schweers

Zoom Administrator                                                     Carolee Litwinka

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