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American Association of University Women
Lake/Sumter (FL) Branch
Branch Strategic Plan (2022)

The Goals developed for this plan cover the period 2022-23 through 2026-27. The Objectives apply to the 2022-23 year, unless otherwise indicated. Future co-Presidents-elect will have the opportunity to adjust objectives, with Board approval, for their presidential year.


This plan requires that relevant groups and individuals determine short- and long-term financial needs to support achievement of their assigned objectives.


Strategic Vision                                                                    


Lake/Sumter AAUW will be the premier organization in Lake and Sumter Counties that offers college-educated women stimulating learning opportunities as well as opportunities to give back to the community.


Tag line


Learn, Connect, Support


Goals and Objectives


GOAL 1Differentiate ourselves by developing and providing dynamic learning opportunities

                  targeted to college-educated women.



1.1.      By January 2023, the Programs Committee will create and maintain a list of potential topics and associated resources (e.g., where to get speakers on specific topics) for General Meetings. Completion of the list will constitute the measure for achievement of this objective.

1.2      The will use the topics and resources list to plan programs for the General Meetings for 2023-24. This objective will be considered met if, when the Programs Committee meets with the co-Presidents for 2023-24 for approval of their program plan, at least one monthly program topic was drawn from the list.

1.3      The use the topics and resources list (created under Objective 1.1., above) to to plan at least one new learning opportunity to be implemented as a fundraiser during the 2023-24 program year for members and non-members. Actual implementation will be the measure of completion.

1.4       Covid-permitting, resurrect Day Trips. By the end of 2022-23 program year, the will plan and offer at least one trip to a destination of interest, such as the Holocaust Museum in Orlando, the Mary McLeod Bethune home and museum in Daytona Beach, and the Appleton Museum in Ocala.


GOAL 2:  Organize robust efforts to Recruit, Engage, and Retain Members, especially targeting

                   new eligible women moving into Sumter (and eventually Lake) County.



2.1      The will create a roster of groups in The Villages to which we will send announcements of our open-to-the-public events (e.g., lectures, discussion groups, targeted General Meetings, membership recruitment events). Presentation of the roster to the Board at their November 2022 meeting will serve as the measure of completion.

2.2      By November 2022, in collaboration with the Board will conduct a skills and talents survey to help determine the time, talents, and treasures that members can offer to the branch. Results will be presented to the Board at their December 2022 meeting; this will constitute completion of this objective.

2.3.     By November 2022, the Membership Committee in collaboration with the Co-Presidents and the Board will conduct a survey to determine committee assignments for new and existing members. Results will be presented to the Board at their December 2022 meeting; this will constitute completion of this objective.

2.4.     In January 2023, Co-Presidents in collaboration with the Membership Committee and the Board will conduct a mid-year review to identify members who are still not “engaged” and initiate an outreach plan. This objective will be considered met when the results are presented to the Board at their February 2023 meeting.

2.5.     During the 2022-23 program year, conduct at least one Membership Recruitment Drive targeted at college-educated women moving into areas South of 44.  Support the Membership Drive through press relations, advertisement, and on social media. In subsequent years, the branch will host at least one drive per year.


GOAL 3:  Enhance and create opportunities to support young women beginning their journeys in

                  STEM fields.



No objectives were written for this goal for 2022-23. See Appendix 2 for suggested future objectives for this goal.


GOAL 4:  Reorganize branch committee structure to create a framework that enhances branch




4.1      By September 2022, the Co-Presidents will compile a Board Handbook to include, at a minimum, job descriptions of Board positions and expectations of Board members. Distribution to the Board will be the measure of completion.

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