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American Association of University Women

Lake/Sumter Branch

Lifetime Members

AAUW offers two paths to Lifetime Membership: Life Members and Honorary Life Members.

  • Life Member: An Individual Member may become a life member upon a one-time payment of twenty years' annual AAUW national dues, based on the amount of annual AAUW dues set in the year the Member elects to become a Life Member, but without credit for AAUW dues paid in prior years. Thereafter, the Life Member shall be exempt from the payment of AAUW national dues. 

  • Honorary Life Member: An Individual Member who has paid AAUW dues for 50 years shall become a Life member and shall thereafter be exempt from the payment of AAUW national dues.

Lake/Sumter AAUW is proud to have these Life and Honorary Life Members in our Branch.


Barbara Fieldman

Life Member

Carol Richardson

Honorary Life Member


Diane Geach

Honorary Life Member


Diane Starr

Life Member


Diane Reichert

Life Member


Joan Krick

Honorary Life Member


Emily Marzek

Honorary Life Member

Tweet Coleman, Alice Hoelzer Hawthorne, and Carrie Hutson are additional Lifetime Members,

but we don't have photos of them.

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